Patch 1.1.32 Notes

This patch saw a few system-critical bug fixes, but mostly this patch saw a lot of removal of old abilities, and a lot of ability changes. The goal is to give each race a better direction with its builds and to make each choice feel meaningful.


  • Holy Wrath: Removed divine power requirement, increased cast time from 2.5s to 3.5s.
  • Cleanse: Changed to instant-cast, triggered spell. Triggers on when heal is cast.
  • Divine Power: Removed as a component of heal, now is an optional passive ability that triggers off of heal.
  • Pillar of Light: Removed divine power requirement, shortened channel time. Increased cooldown.


Wraith Knight
  • Wraith Walk: Is now a manually activated ability. Duration increased from 4s to 6s.
Crypt Guard
  • Mortalicom: Removed
Lich King
  • Negrogate: Removed
  • Deaths Embrace: nerfed, 6 projectiles -> 5, 125 damage -> 100 damage per projectile
  • Shadow Essence: Removed
  • Vile Rupture: Added. Detonate the ghoul dealing 125 damage on up to 3 targets.


  • Turret Overload: Is now a modifier ability for build turret.
  • Turret Overload: Changed to 600% attack damage, removed crit buff, increased attack damage from 5 to 10, duration from 5 to 6, no-longer does damage to turret.
  • Build Mortar: Removed
Siege Golem
  • Siege Mortar: Added target cap (target cap set to 5, min damage 0% -> 20%)
  • Rocket Launcher: buffed damage 65 -> 75, limit to 3 targets, min damage 0% -> 20%


  • Increased movement speed and cleaned up movement animaitions for orcs.
Orc Warhulk
  • Bloodscent: Added
  • Bloodscent: No-longer gives bonus crit, still provides damage and passive healing.
Orc Warmonger
  • Rapid Strikes: Removed
Orc Shaman
  • Stoneshield Totem: Removed
  • Riptide Totem: Increased initial healing, duration reduced from 30s to 15s.
Orc Archer
  • Firehawk Fletching: Removed
Orc Ravager
  • Bloodlust: Removed
  • Thrill of the Kill: Added
Orc Warrior
  • Thrill of the Kill: Removed


  • Loses the Firestorm ultimate ability.
  • Obliteration Sphere: gold cost increased from 50 to 100.
  • Firestorm: Added.
  • Summon Magma Elemental: Removed
  • Fire Elemental Conflagration: Removed
  • Hatespikes: add damage fall-off per unit , damage 85 -> 55, limit 2 per hit, increase min damage to 30%


  • Units moving at high speeds have their pathing smoothed and no-longer twitch often during movement.
  • Click and drag area select now
  • Area select correctly sets a unit type.