New Ult - Gravity Bomb

Recent play testing has shown me that some of the older races are really missing some options when it comes to ultimate abilities. So, I took some time this weekend to put together a new ultimate for the Dwarven Engineer.

Introducing Gravity Bomb! The engineer throws a projectile which expands into a gravity sphere container. After a short (2 second) delay, the device begins to pull in all nearby enemies, dealing damage the closer they are to the sphere. The damage isn’t the primary object of this ability, but it isn’t insubstantial either.

The goal of the ability is to give dwarfs an ability to cluster enemies for the AOE attacks. This ability is likely best used in combination with four overcharged mortar turrets and cluster bombs. Thunderers with AOE hammers could also make it work.

Additionally it could be used as a defensive ability to allow dwarfs to put up walls and retreat. I’m sure there’s ways to use this ability that I haven’t thought of yet either!

Stay tuned for more news soon. I’ll be working on some new ultimates and re-working old ultimates all week.

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