Glorious Vengeance Update

Another ability that’s been on my bucket list has been Glorious Vengeance. It was originally designed to be the first ultimate ability, and to be an offensive ability for the human priest. However, its cast time is enormous, and its offensive capabilities seem wrong on a utility unit.

Glorious Vengeance has now been renamed to be Esly’s Glory. Instead of making it rain divine spears, it now shields units within the area.

This might seem fairly simple, but there’s some interesting detail here. Firstly, it will always shield priests first, and then shield the lowest-health units next. Secondly, the shield provides an additional percentage to healing done and healing received. This ability is perfectly designed to halt the loss of health, and to create an opportunity to bring your army back to full health.

It’s already shown some promise in play-testing, especially since you can run double ults with the mass teleport spell now. I hope to have some lengthy play-testing footage available soon.

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