Stormlord Reworked

I had to go back recently and update the only ultimate for the Orcs; the Stormlord ability. Stormlord was designed to take a regular Orc Shaman, and literally make him the god of thunder for a short time. However, it had a cast time, and weird mechanic where bonus spells would proc off the ones you’ve already cast. All-in-all, it felt underwhelming and useless compared to the ultimates from the other races.

I’m happy to introduce Stormlord version 2.0. The ability is now instant, and makes the shaman levitate for the duration of the ability. In addition, it will look at which abilities you’ve brought, and if you’ve brought Call of Lightning, Chain Lightning, or Ball Lightning, it will cast them for you, with no mana cost, and no cooldown. You are free to continue casting your regular spells while Stormlord is active.

If you look at the gif on the left, you can see that Stormlord is doing a significant amount of damage even when we’re not casting our regular spells. On the right, you can see that the damage is even higher if we cast while Stomlord is active.

Keep in mind that Stormlord still gives 50% movement speed 50% cooldown reduction, and 10 mana per second in addition to all its other effects. I’m confident this is the first ultimate that will make Orcs competitive with the other races.

Passve (No Casting)
Active (Manual Casting)

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