Major Site Update

Our site recently got a major update adding some much needed information about the game. I’m speaking about the Game page and the (new) Media page.

The Game

This page has been updated to contain more detailed information about the:

  • Available Maps
  • Game Modes
  • Competitive Play
  • The Auto-Balance System
  • Unit Stats and Details

The most noticeable part of this list is the unit stats and details section. With no small effort of work, we’ve uploaded every single unit, with every single stat, and every single ability for you to view and examine. We hope this will give you greater insight into how Salt the Earth plays and functions.


The media page is new! It has some screenshots of gameplay as well as all of our best content from our Youtube channel. Check it out if you want to see what Salt the Earth is really like!

Map Update
Lich King Updates
Bladefiend Update
The Magma Chamber