New Hero: Orkhan


Orkhan, the leader of the Orcs represents the combination of physical strength and mastery of lightning that the Orcs so commonly bring to the battlefield. He’s a powerful melee fighter who can move around the battlefield easily with Thunderous Leap, all while dealing additional lightning damage with his other abilities.

Static Charge is the basic, passive ability for Orkhan. It creates a synergy link between his physical power and his lightning abilities. Regular use of lightning abilities causes Orkhan to become stronger in melee. The buff might not seem like much, but when you consider other Orc buffs, it can make him an absolute monster.

Storms Edge is designed to give Static Charge a constant up-time when in melee combat. The frequent procs make for great on-hit damage as well.

Lightning Nova is great defensive passive that allows Orkhan to respond to players who try to surround him with units. The more units that attack him, the more likely he is to proc Lightning Nova.

Thunderous Leap is Salt the Earth’s first leap ability. It grants Orkhan a ton of mobility as well as fantastic on-demand damage. It can be used to jump over enemies or terrain obstacles, and is especially good at getting close to the enemies back-line.

If you’re looking to get the most out of Thunderous Leap, Thundercrash causes the leap to also strike foes with lightning. It can proc Static Charge, as well as doing a lot of free damage.

Orkhan is going to make a great addition to the Orcs. I’ll leave with you with wonderful gif of Orkhan being used effectively from our last round of private play-testing. Enjoy!

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