Orcs Update

Orcs Update

After updating the dwarf abilities, we’ve moved on to updating the abilities for the Orc race, and this post covers abilities that were changed as well as some brand new abilities.

New Ability: Maelstrom

Orkhan, being the leader of the Orcs, definitely needed to have an ultimate ability of his own. Introducing, Maelstrom, a powerful channeled ability that calls down lightning in a huge radius, striking at enemies and dealing massive damage.

New Ability: Shadowstep

The Orc assassin was a unit that didn’t receive much gameplay in our recent playtesting, this being due to the fact that its abilities and design were rather lackluster. The main thing holding back the Assassin is a lack of a stealth ability. However, until we’re able to implement that abilty, we’ve had to add some new abilities to compensate. Shadowstep is a short range, but short-cooldown ability that offers the assassin a way to get to vulnerable targets.

New Ability: Shadowrush

Shadowrush gives the Orc assassin a massive attack speed buff after using using shadowstep. This allows the assassin to be most effective after engaging targets with Shadowstep.

Ball Lightning Update

Ball Lightning is an ability that’s had several iterations already. In this latest iteration, we’ve given Ball Lightning the ability to bounce off walls and other obstacles. The projectile has no damage or bounce limit, but rather is limited by distance traveled. This change is especially interesting considering that the ultimate ability, Stormlord, will auto-cast Ball Lightning in random directions.

New Ability: Deadshot Arrow

The Orc Archer is a very useful unit for the Orc lineup, and with the new ability Deadshot Arrow, the Orc Archer will be more useful at executing low health targets and ensuring kills. Many other Orcs benefit from killing enemies, creating synergy with these other units.

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