New Demon Ultimates

I’ve been working on some very visually satisfying ultimates for the new race, Demons. So far I’ve managed to complete three new ultimate abilities (the most of any current race), and I’m happy to finally share them with the world!

Pitfeind Ultimate – Abyssal Eruption

The pitfiend channels for 8 seconds, dealing massive fire and physical damage to everything around it. I wish this gif could convey the audio component of the effect as its very satisfying as well.

Overlord Ultimate – Infernal Gateway

The overlord spends a good deal of time casting, and then opens up an Infernal Gateway, the largest of the three types of gateways. This gateway summons a single Pitfiend into existence. This ability is unique because usually you can only bring one Pitfiend into the battlfiend, but with this ability you can have two, or even three at the same time.

Overlord Ultimate – Hellbeam

After a 5 second cast, the Overlord lets loose a beam of demonic energy that travels indefinitely in a straight line. It ends when it collides with a wall or another obstacle. Units that are struck are damaged, and if under the Burning effect, the damage becomes a critical strike. This ability is SO satisfying to use.

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