Neutral Monsters

Neutral monsters are something I’ve been planning for a long time now. I wanted them to be somewhat of a wildcard factor. Something that players would compete for (because of beneficial rewards) but also shy away from (because of the physical threat).

I wanted to create something similar to League of Legend’s Barron and Vilemaw, but rather than stationary creatures, I wanted them to be able to not only follow enemies around the map, but also to switch targets at random.

With that being said, let me introduce our first neutral monster, the Stone Golem! He spawns on the first round, and every round thereafter unless he’s killed during one of the rounds.

Upon taking magical damage the Stone Golem will activate a magic barrier for 10 seconds, drastically reducing magic damage taken.

Periodically, the Stone Golem will release a series of arcane bolts at a targeted location. These bolts are not homing, so they can be dodged with correct timing.

Although he currently does not bestow a beneficial buff upon death, he will soon. However, the death particle effect looks nice!

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