New Resource Bars

It occurred to me that two of our races have issues that are surprisingly similar. I’m speaking of the Undead and the Demons.

If I ever wanted to include bigger creatures for the Undead, it would create issues with the resurrection system. Why? Because the resurrection system doesn’t take into account what kind of unit you res. This means that resurrecting a crypt guard is just as easy a resurrecting a ghoul.

The issue with Demons is that demons can summon units based on ability cooldown making Overlords extremely valuable. This means I have to put high mana costs and high cooldown costs on summon abilities, which doens’t feel fun.

The solution to both of these problems is to create two new player resources: Necro Power and Demon Power. Necro Power scales from 0 to 100, and Demon Power scales from 0 to 6. Let me explain.

Necro Power is used as a resource for resurrecting units. Ghouls are cheap, at roughly 5 Necro Power, while Crypt Guards are more expensive at around 12 Necro Power. This means eventually I can put in big, powerful creatures that cost more Necro Power to resurrect.

Demon Power is gained periodically, and each demonic eye in the resource bar lets you summon one demon. This is true for all demons except the Magma Elemental which costs 2.

In the future there will be ways to increase both Necro and Demon power. I’m happy to share the new UI elements that make these features possible.

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