Recent Internal Testing

Recently we've been doing a lot of internal playtesting, getting Salt the Earth ready for the closed beta, working out the last few remaining (obvious) bugs and making improvements here and there.

During this playtesting we had one of my favorite moments in Salt the Earth, of all time. In the clip below, you'll see me using the dwarven ultimate Stonebreaker to one-shot my opponent's four Necromancers. Sure enough, stonebreaker annihilates the undead mages in a single hit, but triggers Death's Embrance on each necromancer upon death. The resulting damage wipes out the remainder of my army causing me to lose the game.

Even though a mistake on my part caused me to lose the game, the choice to bring Death's Embrace as a counter-play to Stonebreaker was a brilliant (if accidental) counter-move and is exactly the kind of thing I'm trying to create in Salt the Earth.

Check out the clip below, as well as some other screenshots and gif's from the recent playtesting.



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