New Damage Meter

We've been doing a ton of internal testing and collecting footage (as you can see on the right), and during the process of testing, realized that we're not getting a good understanding of how abilities are performing, or if they're even working correctly.

I've been playing a lot of WoW recently and was inspired to make a damage meter for my own game, to give feedback to players, as well as to help me test abilities and fix bugs.

Version 1

The first version was a bit clunky as far as interface design goes. You had to use the dropdown buttons at the top, and then hit update to manually refresh the meter. My thinking behind this was due to the amount of bandwidth it takes to constantly stream this data over the network.

Version 2

The second version got rid of the dropdowns by replacing them with buttons. It also no-longer broke down data by unit or by ability. It listed all the damage together (treating melee and ranged attacks like abilities). It also had a details section on the right for the number of hits, casts, min, max, average, etc. You can see that casts doesn't work at this time, and that the display isn't very great. The top of the UI isn't very clean either.

Version 3

Finally we get to version three. We have another button for casts (which includes manaul procs and passive or triggered ability activation). In addition the details section on the right is working complete with icons for units or abilities or effects. All of the data is updated in somewhat real time.

All of this feedback on how abilities are performing is forcing me to fix a number of bugs (abilities that are not working or do no damage), and to fix abilities that are under-performing. I'm rushing to get to a beta stage, but the build just doesn't feel stable enough yet. I know, I know, I'm polishing this thing forever, but I believe the wait is worth it.

Final Version

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