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Demons Nearly Done

After nearly two months of work, Demons are really close to being done. There are 6 playable units for demons, each with a number of abilities available to them. Animations and sounds are also pretty much done. Recent play testing has shown to me that we need more abilities to tie into the demonic power resource bar. Some abilities I’ve got in mind:

Demon Overlord – Increase Demonic Power – 20s channel, gives a demon power orb every 10 seconds, global cooldown.

Demon Overlord – Passive Ability – some kind of ‘on summon’ effect.

Abyssal Warrior – Some kind of ability as he currently doesn’t have any. Possibly something defense that plays with the Burning effect, or something related to summons.

Pitfiend – I’d love to give this unit some kind of attack speed buff to really let it crit its way through clusters of units. Maybe a passive ultimate?






Salt the Earth


Salt The Earth


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