Life Update

This post is a bit unusual given the nature of the rest of the content of this site. I’d like to take a post to explain (to the people who follow this game and its development), why there haven’t been any updates recently.

Development of Salt the Earth has stalled for the last month due two to major developments in my personal life.

PC Problems

Firstly, my main computer at home had multiple problems. I had failed disks in a RAID configuration as well as a graphics card that was heating up to 90C and causing an emergency shut-down of my pc. Major issues.

So, I got a new drive, raid controller, and a larger case with more room for fans. I’m really in love with my Thermaltake Level 20 XT E-ATX.

However, after the upgrades were done, I had tons of issues with the new RAID controller. In the end, I ended up sending the RAID controller back, and just using Windows Storage Spaces to handle data mirroring.

All in all, fixing my pc cost me the better part of two weeks.

Career Transition

Secondly, I had a major job transition. For the past (almost) 6 years, I’ve been working as the IT administrator for a small company. And while I’ve loved the work every day, my goal has been to get into software development for a long time now.

Well, recently I was given the opportunity to pick up a very large project and transition from IT to development. I seized the opportunity, and while I love the work (the code, the tools, the creative freedom, etc), the job has been a bit stressful up until recently.

Things are more stable now, and I have more time to dedicated to my project, Salt the Earth.

The Future

With both of these problems resolved, and most of my Christmas shopping already done, I’m hoping to get back to putting in the hours I used to. Salt the Earth has been a project of passion for me for almost two years now, and when I don’t have the time to work on it, life just doesn’t feel complete.

I hope to continue pushing out updates very soon. I wish you all a very happy (if early) holiday season.


-Max Arnheiter






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