New Hellcaster Spells

New Hellcaster Spells

The Hellcaster on the Demon roster has been visually interesting since its inception, however it has been sorely lacking in spells and abilities. Today the Hellcaster gains 3 new interesting abilities which we’ll cover in this article.


Hatespikes can be a really fun ability when positions correctly (hitting multiple enemies in a line). Now, with this upgrade ability, Hatespikes does even more damage and sets enemies on fire (which synergizes with the next ability).

Who doesn’t love to make it rain fire? The Hellcaster gains this amazing new ability as a way of putting area pressure on enemies, and punishing them if they’re affected by the Burning effect.

Demonic Ascendance offers the Hellcaster a 10 second window in which he can deal massive damage with his spells. Using Infernal Hatespikes followed by Rain of Fire while ascended can easily do 1000+ damage in a few seconds. Very powerful combination.

Unfortunately I don’t have any play-test footage of these abilities yet as I’m still mostly focusing on a heavy code re-write. I’m glad I was able to share these amazing new abilities with you all. Stay tuned for more updates next week!

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