New Unit: The Cyclops


The Cyclops, an ally of the Orcs, brings a lot to the battlefield. With powerful ranged ability, as well as close-quarters crowd-control, the Cyclops is valuable addition to the Orc lineup. Lets cover some of his abilities in the next section.


Boulder toss is the most iconic ability for the Cyclops. Not only does it allow him to damage enemies from behind your lines, it also applies a knockback that can potentially knock enemies off cliffs, falling to their death. Its possible to bring up to two cyclopses, and there’s nothing like seeing two cyclopses pelting enemies with massive rocks.

Double Smash adds more AOE damage to the cyclops’ already constant AOE damage from melee attacks. Additionally, this special attack knocks enemies up. In the near future when we add stun effects, this ability will also stun enemies during the knock up.

Check out this amazing gif from our most recent round of private play-testing. The cyclops is absolutely dominating in melee and ranged!

Demonic Gateway Changes

A key function of the Demon race is to be able to summon more demons. To make this possible, Overlords are able to open demonic gateways to allow demons through to their current plane of existence. The problem with these portals so far has been that, after the overlord summons the portal, demons spill forth and stay near the portal. This means that players constantly have to grab the newly spawned demons and command them to attack move towards the main fight. With these changes, players can set an attack move destination for newly spawned demons, making their life much easier. Also, we have removed the 2 second spawn delay on summons. Summons are now instant.






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