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Two New Demons


Started working on two new demon models today. Asset packages can be found here:!/content/111827!/content/35630

I’ll be documenting the process of taking these ‘raw’ models and turning them into something functional for the game. I’m currently waiting on an artist to finish re-texturing these models so that they fit the visual theme of the rest of the demons.

The tall demon will be the Hellcaster, a giant-sized ranged unit. The shorter one doesn’t have a fixed name yet, but it’ll be the tanky infantry unit for the Demons.

In two of the pictures you can see that I gave it some equipment. The shield was originally a very boring tower shield, and although it isn’t pretty, its better than nothing. Asset store was surprisingly empty of tower shields. The fist weapon is made from the head of a scythe model I had acquired a while ago.

You can see the size of the units in relation to others. Pitfiend is on the far left, and a Dwarven Iron Phalanx unit is on the far right. The Hellcaster isn’t quite as large as the Pitfiend, but will still be categorized as Giant.


Today I received the updated textures back from Michelle, my very talented free-lance artist (you can find her info on the About page). Needless to say, I’m very happy with the results.

I’ve also finalized the names for these units. The Hellcaster, and the Pitbrute.

I managed to make some improvements to the Pitbrute’s weapons and shield, although I’m considering dropping the shield to save on animation costs (the default animations are pretty decent).

Lastly, I was able to rough up the Unit prefab (abilities and attack don’t work yet), but I was able to get the Hellcaster in-game with full health and other stats.


Sometimes life just gets in the way of good dev’ing.

All I got done today was putting the Pitbrute in-game. Its auto attacks work, and all the usual rest of the things. I started working on its first ability, Hellborn, but didn’t have enough time to finish it. Better luck tomorrow.


Again I feel like I didn’t get that much done, but I did make some solid progress on our Indie DB page.

However, I did manage to finish the first ability for the Pitbrute. Its first ability is Hellborn, which has a chane to heal the Pitbrute whenever he strikes a target that is on fire. Enjoy the gif!


Another slow day, but again, I’ve been focusing my time on some marketing efforts. However, I am still on target for my dev schedule.

The Hellcaster received its ranged auto attack today, and I’m super happy with it. Its so visually satisfying that I think I’m going to build some of its abilities off of modifying the ranged attack. I can’t wait to do the unit spotlight video as the audio is also very strong.

We’ll be play-testing all the new content tomorrow, so I’ll be designing the remainder of the Hellcaster and Pitbrute abilities the following week. After that, we should be ready to head into the next sprint!


In regards to 6/16/2018, I was playtesting the game with a few friends, and so, besides collecting a long list of bugs, I made no other progress on the game. Regardless, it was very necessary.

Today I was able to eliminate a number of those bugs, as well as finishing the first ability for the Hellcaster. Introducing, Hatespikes! The Hellcaster shoots out a line projectile which leaves behind these spikes which deal fire damage to any unit struck.

Its fairly simple but visually stimulating. I think I’ll do another activated ability, as well as a passive ability that will modify it’s auto attack or attack speed.






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