Tactical Advice

Efficient Unit Control

One of the biggest mistakes I see in Salt the Earth is players losing control of some of their units. Typically this comes down to units running in a direction away from combat, or just standing idle.

Usually this comes down to players mixing up the Attack Move command and the Move Command. If you're unsure about what these are, make sure to check out the Controls Guide.

Shut Down the Opponent

Always try to identify what your opponent's strategy is. Are you playing against humans running 4 priests; shut down their healing. Are you playing against undead with 4 necromancers and a lich king; shut down their ability to resurrect.

Identify what the goal of the opponent's build is, and try to eliminate the units that make that build work.

Unit Formations

Unit formations are incredibly important in Salt the Earth. Many maps have choke points that can be easily defended by a strong formation.

Additionally, by utilizing good unit formation control, a player could create defensive formations around key units. This can even be done quickly in response to an opponents attack.

Ability Synergy

When putting together a build, its important to look for synergy between units. For example, there are some demon abilities that trigger when the target unit is under the burning effect. If this is your goal, look for other abilities that apply the burning effect.

All of the races have some sort of ability synergy. You'll find some examples of this in the build listing below.

General Build Advice


Caster Build

This build focuses on the Mage and Priest units. The goal is to block the enemy with your high-health and tanky units (Warrior, Guardian Golem, and Champion), while punishing the enemy from afar.

Priests can do area damage with Holy Wrath, and the Mages can pummel the enemey with Arcane Barrage with the modifier Empowered Barrage Ability.

Lastly, there's some defensive options to protect from ranged damage with Arcane Barrier and Guardian Shield.

Defensive/Heal Build

This build aims to survive with lots of healing options. The Priest applies a powerful heal-over-time effect with Blessing of Light, and stays alive with Shield of Light. Additionally, each warrior carrys a Health Potion to keep himself alive.

The goal of the build is to stay alive long enough to get to use the ultimate ability, Wrath of God, to wipe out a medium-health enemy army. A few Champions with Whirlwind Strike also help this build to do damage.


Necrogenisis Rush Build

The goal here is to have most of your army die quickly, but generate lots of ultimate power through the Necro Titan's Ancient Oath ability. Ancient Oath gives 15% ultimate power when the unit dies. This helps us reach full ultimate faster, after which we can resurrect our entire army with Necrogenesis.

The build also has lots of beneficial defensive/passive options. Sould Shield to keep the Necromancers alive, Vile Essence to reduce enemy outgoing damage, and even a Lich King loaded up with Lich Stone (keeping him alive for a long time), and then eventually detonating with Unholy Implosion.

This build is especially fun since the Lich King is essentially just bait that the enemy often goes for.

Endurance Build

This build aims to last a really long time, continuously resurrecting units and being very hard to grind down.

We'll keep our Necromancers alive with Soul Shield, and provide passive benefit with Death Coil and Mortal Curse. The Lich King will likely never die with the passive benefit of Soul Blade, Lich Aura, and Soul Harvest healing him constantly.

Finally, we've got ghouls that do serious AOE damage with Corrupt Essence, Warriors that last a long time with Bone Shield, and Crypt Guards that resurrect Ghouls and Warriors with Death Martyr. If this build makes it to late game, you can push forward with the ultimate ability, Bonestorm.


Double Line Build

This build focuses on good formation control. You'll need to create a double line of units. The front line being the Dwarf Warriors, and the second line being the Iron Phalanx units. The goal here is to have the Iron Phalanx soldiers attack the enemy with their long range spears, while letting the Warriors take most of the damage.

The Runesmiths offer defensive support with Forge Father's Blessing, Forge Father's Favor, and Iron Faith.

The Thunderers are meant to be manually controlled to debuff select enemies with Crushing Blows and Slam. If this build makes it to late game, encircle a group of enemies with Tectonic Shift, and smash them to nothing with the Stonebreaker ultimate.

Engineer Build

Dwarfs actually have a lof of short to medium ranged damage. This build brings it all out with good use of the Engineers and Siege Golem.

The goal here is to play defensive and do ranged damage until full ultimate is achieved. Then, we group up the enemies with the Gravity Bomb ultimate, and AOE them down with the Artillery Golem's Siege Mortar and Rocket Launcher abilities.

Some Runesmiths fully loaded with defensive options, and a meat-wall of Warriors and Ultrashields will help this build last long enough to acquire full ultimate.


Assassin Build

The goal of this build is to get some Orc Assassins to the enemy's back-line and take out their key units with Shadowstep and Shadowrush.

The rest of the army is just a lot of tanky meat. The War Mongers will stay alive with Shrug it Off, the Ravagers can self-heal with Bloodlust, and the Orc Shamans can drop Riptide Totems to heal all of the melee units.

Lastly, there's a few Orc Archers in there with the Deadshot Arrow ability to secure kills on weak units.

Lightning Spam Build

This build is incredibly simple, and yet hard to beat. Orc lightning spells just do so much damage..

The Orc Shamans are set to cast Channel Lightning, Ball Lightning, and Chain Lightning with the Forked Lightning modifier ability. Rotating these abilities around provides massive AOE damage.

In addition, we've got 6 Orc Warhulks (with lots of health), a Cyclops (even more health), and fourteen Orc Warriors. All-in-all, this is just a lot of health to chew through, while your Orc Shamans do the big damage.


Gorgamon Fire Build

Firstly, Gorgamon is no joke. Any enemy facing this build will have a hard time getting him down. He is both meat-shield and threat at the same time. We'll be bringing him with this Abyssal Summons ability, allowing us to summon more meat shields.

Next, we'll be setting the enemy on fire with the Blade Fiend's Infernal Edge ability, as well as the Hellcaster's Hatespikes ability with the Infernal Hatespikes modifier. All of these burning enemies will help our Pit Brutes to get the most value out of their Hellborn ability.

Lastly, if we get to full ultimate with an Overlord still alive, we can finish off the enemy with the magnificent Firestorm ultimate.

Mass Summons Build

This build might be broken, but that's why this is beta right?

We've got a truly stupid amount of summons in this build. The Overlords will be summons tons of Imps with their base ability as well as the Imp Lord modifier. Additionally, they'll be casting Summon Hellspawn on cooldown.

The two hellcasters will both be summoning Greater Fire Elementals on cooldown, providing tons of ranged support and damage.

And we've even got a Pitfiend with the Abyssal Guards ability, so that when it gets low, we get even more free summons.

The cherry on this summon-cake is our ultimate, which lets us summon yet another Pitfiend.