Patch 1.1.44 Notes

Versus AI-Mode Added!

Because Salt the Earth is a multi-player game, its hard to have enough people online to test the game thoroughly. Because of this, and to let players practice more on their own, we've added a vs-ai mode.

VS-AI mode is available 24/7 and can be tested by anyone with beta access at any time!

VS-AI mode has two options; Defensive and Offensive AI. In defensive mode, the AI will do nothing but stand there. In offensive mode, the AI will wait 10 seconds and then attack-move across the map at you. This lets you practice both offense and defense.

No othehr players are required to play vs AI, and the matches are played on our new map, the Mountain Pass.

All enemy armies in VS-AI mode are guarenteed to be a different race than the one you selected, and will have a random build.

We hope to see you online and testing out this cool game. If you have any questions or comments, or find any bugs, please hit us up on our discord!

New Map: Mountain Pass