Patch 1.1.45 Notes

This week we over-hauled the dwarven turret toolkit. Because dwarves lack a designed ranged unit, the turret toolkit has to feel strong to compliment the Artillery Golem. So this week we've got 3 brand-new models coming to the game. Please check out the patch notes below, and all of our development gifs. We hope to see you online for the next beta test!

Dwarf Engineer

    Build Cannon

        - Reworked into Build Auto-Cannon
        - New Model
        - Has burst fire: 3 shots
        - Reduced health, and armor from previous version

    Turret Overload

        - Removed
        - (dev note: turrets were never meant to do burst damage, and the abilty never felt that good to use)

    Point Defense Upgrade

        - New Ability
        - Automatically upgrades an auto-cannon into a Point Defense Turret after 45 seconds
        - Modifier ability for Build Auto-Cannon
        - Has burst fire: 4 shots

    Runesteel Sentry

        - New Ability
        - Ultimate Ability
        - Places a very powerful turret with longer range, lasts indefinitely 
        - Has burst fire: 6 shots